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JML also known as Joiners / Movers / Leavers or onboarding and offboarding can be one of the most complex issues for IT and HR to get a hold of. It is traditionally a minefield of broken processes, and disparate technology stacks with limited integration. Who’s job is it to manage JML in an organisation? You will hear many different answers to this question but we don’t believe it’s an either / or answer, we think it has to be co-managed with both departments working closely together to ensure that the process can be automated and managed correctly so the complexity and management overhead is completely removed from the equation. JML can be extremely expensive if unmanaged, if software licensing is managed by procurement or a SAM (Software Asset Management) team and not integrated or linked to a CMDB (Configuration Management Database), these expenses can easily go unnoticed.

There are a number of issues with a broken JML or onboarding and offboarding strategy. Agreeing a process and then departments taking ownership is one we have already discussed but what about the impact of license and cost sprawl from a broken or ineffective process? One of the biggest security attack vectors is user accounts and passwords remain provisioned, even after someone has left the business. IT teams are great at quickly removing access from the employee leaving but that’s often a reactive move and nothing then gets done. There is often no integration between IAM (Identity Access Management) & PAM (Privilege Access Management) tools which means accounts and privileges aren’t properly deprovisioned. This is effectively increasing and widening the attack surface. 

SLA’s or Service Level Agreements have been the bedrock of internal and external IT for decades however there is a shift to move towards XLA’s or Experience Level Agreements. If you can’t provide a new hire everything they need to do their job on minute one of day one, then you will fail at the first hurdle.

Cost and license sprawl is another detrimental issue for businesses both small and large. There are so many businesses that lose complete control of visibility of software licensing with the obvious one being O/M365 licensing. SAM tools are critical for managing all types of software licensing and provide an ELP (Effective Licensing Position) baseline. Not all businesses use a SAM tool such as Snow or Livingston, if there is no SAM tool in place either dedicated software or via an ITSM (IT Service Management) tool and CMDB, then a broken JML process usually equals a dramatic cost sprawl. There are a lot of business that have 365 for example on a CSP agreement and although the per user / per month costs for some license types look negligible, they can often spiral out of control. In actual fact, the cost control alone can often pay for JML tool which will be fully automated and fix the process. 

Shortening the time to value is a term that is often overused in the world of IT but the premise is very poignant. Freeing up time to innovate and keep pace with your competition is extremely important. IT was once seen as a drain on resource and budget, more of a problem rather than a solution.  When culture and technology work cohesively together, they can transform an organisation. Automation is a key part of any transformational strategy, it is also a key part of freeing you skilled resource up from doing menial and mundane, repetitive tasks.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) really exploded onto the market in 2017, however as with all disruptive and transformational technology, it tends to take 5-7 years before its fully adopted. RPA has so many different use cases but it makes the perfect partner to automate, improve and de-risk the JML process. ROC (Robotic Operations Centre) deployments can streamline the process for a cost effective opex cost per month and breathes new life into what has traditionally been a drain on both IT and HR. 


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