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‘MergeIT is a boutique solutions and services provider that is disrupting the traditional technology landscape as we know it. We are changing the face

of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) & DL (Deep Learning) and taking customers on an end to end journey of education, technology readiness, business readiness and the MLDC (Machine Learning Delivery Cycle). Our team of experts have experience working across all technology areas, which puts us in a fantastic position to understand how different technology platforms integrate with one another and how to overcome any challenges with technical debt. Our understanding of the MLDC (Machine Learning Delivery Lifecycle) allows us to approach AI from a completely different perspective. 

The development of ML models and their delivery to the user is governed by the MLDC. It is a process that involves the preparation of data (discovery and plan for ingestion), training / building models and deploying them. While it enables businesses to obtain tangible value, it also assists in managing their resources. These resources could range from business assets like customer data and capital to human resources like data scientists, ML engineers, and DevOps collaborating to make this process meaningful. The discovery phase is critical to the successful roll out of any production ML / DL workload and its overall accuracy.


Our AI Acceleration Program (AIaaS) is designed to deliver value at the very inception of any AI / ML project or journey that a business is looking to

embark on.


Discovery Workshop:

Define expectations in Business Transformation, Data Discovery (Governance, Type of Data, Location of Data, Ingestion points, Databases) Architecture & Modelling, Machine Learning Frameworks Discussion & Data Science Skills. Barriers to entry or limitations in the business process will also be clearly defined at this stage. 

Gap Analysis: 

Identify the gap between actual state, expectations and goals. Identifying areas that require solutions to bridge the gaps as well as solution parameters.

Solution Programme:

A set of solutions is proposed and a series of solution development workshops are organised to build a shared understanding of the goals, benefits, key metrics and changes required in the company.

With each solution the following set of documents is delivered:

Scope of Work (SoW):

Provide a detailed Scope of Works for the project outlining in scope works, out of scope works and most importantly, dependencies.

System Diagrams and Interface Definition:

Process flow and components designed, define existing business model, define business process, identify process flows, bottlenecks, chokepoints, throughput and any existing infrastructure.

Technology Stack: 

Software / Hardware decisions components and target process. Considerations on potential decisions for PoC or Production roll outs. 

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): 

Dividing the process of setup and configuration, along with any dependencies. Lead time estimation for task completion and the assigned resource will also be defined.

DevOps Release & Hardware Deployment Plan:

Managing the development release and planned production release. Considerations around CI /CD

(Consider Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) & SDLC (Software Delivery Lifecycle).

DR Plan:

Scheduled workflow orchestration taking into consideration full or incremental components.

Uses Cases:

Expansion of system diagram and interface definition processes. A detailed definition of each use case and the associated type of machine

learning needed to derive business value. A definition of how DVaaS (Data Visualisation as a Service) can be delivered as part of the project.’



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